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T2S: Text to Voice - Read Aloud



• Open content/ePub/PDF records and read out loud it. 

• Convert text document into a sound record. 

• With the basic inherent program, you can open your number one site, let T2S read so anyone might hear for you. (You can enter the program from the left route cabinet) 

• "Type talk" mode: A simple method to talk text your composed. 

• Easy to use across applications: 

- Use share highlight from other applications to send text or URL to T2S to talk. For URL, the application can load and concentrate the content of articles in site pages. 

- On the Android 6+ gadgets, you can choose text from other applications, at that point tap 'Talk' alternative from text choice menu to talk your chose text (* Require outsider applications to utilize standard framework parts). 

- Copy-to-speak: Copy text or URL from other applications, at that point tap T2S's Floating talk catch to talk replicated content. You can turn on this element in the application's settings. 


• Highly suggest you introduce and use Google Text-to-discourse motor, it has best similarity with this application. 

Google discourse motor: 

• If the application often stops startlingly behind the scenes, or it as often as possible showed a blunder messages said: "Discourse motor isn't reacting", you may require change battery saver settings to permit the application and discourse motor application to running behind the scenes.


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