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We arrived at 1.6 Million Downloads with 4+ Ratings in Play Store, Thanks to all Lion RunFans with your awesome help we ready to accomplish this!! Keep Support us :) 

Prepare to live energizing undertakings close to your new companion the little lion. Assist him with arriving at the title of the ruler of the wilderness arranging all sort of deterrents in this unending run game. Gather spheres, organic products, and bananas to expand your energy bar to have the option to run for a brief timeframe. Utilize the Sprints carefully as you may require them for bounce higher and cross stone holes or stay away from a torrential slide. Meet other animals of the world collectively companions; they will assist you with beating all sort of hindrances. Your would friend be able to will convey you, and you'll have the option to fly! Utilize your force run to evade falling rocks or potentially low trees. Appreciate playing this new experience game on your Android gadget and assist the lion with thundering! 

Become the King of the Jungle and Conquer every one of the Missions in This Highly Dynamic Game! Download Lion Run-Adventure King Available Now for FREE on Google Play Store! Restricted Time Offer! 

Life in the wilderness can be hard; you'll need to run, hop, swing, run, and ricochet to have the option to pass box a few situations. Investigate every one of the caverns and treetops as you would discover collectables to open, or extraordinary catalysts. Ride a Pig or different creatures to save your run energy bar. Try not to allow the shrewd primate to monkey get you! He will pursue you and leaving snares for getting you and take your natural products. Stuck on one level? Can't discover the best approach to cross a deterrent? Search cautiously for elective courses and you'll be in the groove again. Play and challenge your companions contrasting your high scores; best distances accomplished and opened additional items. 

monkey posses assist you with riding over the stream in the wilderness. Don't let the Kong Baboon Steal your Fruits and Orbs! Be prepared to Enjoy the Endless Adventures of the Little Lion! 

We have incorporated a simple to utilize, easy to understand and responsive interface. The swipe controls can without much of a stretch be taken care of on account of the single-finger one touch tap framework. Our game is appropriate for everybody, Adults will appreciate playing as well. Exceptionally engaging and addictive, you'll not quit playing and having a good time. The excellent hued illustrations will cause you to feel like the lord of the wilderness; natural sounds and extraordinary soundtrack for ambient sound are the ideal mix for giving an extra to your interactivity experience. 

Join your creature companions and prepare to live large number of spectacular bouncing, running, and flying experiences close to them in your excursion up to the cloud to get the illustrious crown! Explore All the Lands, Discover the Hidden Secrets! 

Highlights of the Game: 

Meet Hilarious Animal Characters 

Easy One Thumb Controls 

HD Smooth Graphics 

Low Memory Required 

Tons of Levels and Challenges 

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